What is Smartsquare?

Temporary Sports Hall Flooring for Exam Rooms

  • Smartsquare is an exam room flooring system made up of easy to install modules - providing sports hall floor protection.
  • It takes just 15 minutes for 2 people to cover 200m2 with this carpet tiles modular flooring system.
  • The temporary sports hall flooring tiles help protects the gym floor underneath and leaves no marks.
  • No taping or adhesive is required to install a seamless temporary sports hall floor covering.
  • Noise-reducing exam room flooring, makes for the perfect conditions for students to perform their best. 
  • Multi-functional use - designed to transform a sports hall into a suitable exam room.
Transform your space

Tough and durable

Hardwearing and Effective - Modular Sports Hall Floor Tiles

  • Smartsquare’s sports hall floor protection uses tough, synthetic waterproof fibres to make our flooring hardwearing and stain resistant.
  • Easy to clean: Simply vacuum after use, heavily soiled modules can be hosed down and left to dry.
  • Incredibly durable and these tiles are ideal for creating a gym floor covering that can be easy to lay down and set up. Creating a great exam room temporary floor. 
Transform your space
Space saving solutions

Save money, make money with Sports Hall Floor Protective Covers

  • Save on expensive building costs by making better use of your available space with Smartsquare multi purpose floor protection.
  • Hire out your multi-functional event space and Smartsquare floor squares quickly pays for itself! 
  • It takes just 15 minutes for 2 people to cover 200m2, and create a truly multi-functional area with improved acoustics.
  • Storage issues?  Smartsquare can be stored in an outbuilding or storage container. As long as it's kept dry, it is not affected by extremes of heat or cold.
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Durable, safe and easy to clean
Simple to install and store
Seamless, lay flat design
See how we can transform your space Watch our video


Focus on results

Improve your exam results

  • Smartsquare’s noise-reducing technology significantly improves acoustics. Allowing your students to focus on the most important thing: the exam.
  • Our ‘quiet’ flooring is perfect for creating an echo-free atmosphere.
  • Research was carried out in 2014 to develop an optimum colour to help students concentrate and keep calm. Helping them to perform their absolute best.
  • The Smartsquare carpet tiles creates the perfect exam conditions that allows your students to focus on their exams with less distraction.
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Safe, simple storage solution

Sports Hall Floor Protection Space-saving Storage

  • If you are only looking to hire the flooring for a certain period then please do get in touch with one of flooring experts and enquire about our hire option.
  • Installation couldn't be made easier with movable Smartkar trolley. It helps you lay down the flooring incredibly efficiently, minimum fuss and fast. 
  • Smartkar trolleys have non-marking wheels ideal for all kinds of sports flooring including rubber and polished wood.
  • It is incredibly durable, is safe and an ease to clean ready for the next set of exams. 
  • Smartsquare needs to be stored in a dry place but since it is robust it will not be affected by extremes of temperature.
Safe, simple storage solution

It went great thanks. Your guys were fantastic and it really does make a massive difference. The exam team are really happy with the product.

- Billy Cunningham

It was amazing! The gym was completely transformed. The floor was completely covered, and the acoustics were fantastic. This definitely showed how this space could be used for multiple purposes with the use of the Smartsquare.

- Juliette Hayes College Principal

The purchase of the Smartsquare modules has transformed our basketball stadium each time we laid them out. It has proved to be a wonderful investment and improved the flexibility, thermal and acoustic behaviour of the space

- Vincent J Feeney, College Principal

Save Time

Minimal time to install

  • With regards to size our a standard carpet size 600m2 hall can be covered by 2 people in 45 minutes. That's fast. 
  • Can be used as part-cover for small events such as an indoor celebration and so on.
  • We have a range of different options for you to explore, get in touch so we can tailor something to your needs. 
  • If you do have any questions with regards to the installation of the flooring protection, then just let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

About Smartsquare

Smartsquare is a floor protection system ideal for gyms and sports halls. It is a temporary flooring system consisting of modules with a specialist ‘S’ backing, allowing for a slight down-curl so that they fit together seamlessly – no taping down required, unlike vinyl flooring.

This protective flooring doesn’t mark the sports hall floor underneath and is specifically designed to improve acoustics, ambience and lighting, as it contains a unique acoustic membrane to reduce noise.

Our sports hall floor protection is perfect for graduations, Fresher’s Fair, gala dinners, exams, convocations, seminars and many more event

Save Time and Space with Smartsquare

One of the most challenging parts of building an exam room is making sure the facilities are of a high enough standard. Many times, simply packing students into a gym call can lead to problems with getting the examinations started. The logistical challenges with gym flooring and sports hall flooring can lead to damage through scraping, sliding, and the dropping of items. With the help of Smartsquare, though, you get a solution that easily avoids any lasting physical damage taking place.
This ensures that you can easily turn that sports hall into an exam room, putting down a protective flooring. Instead of taking hours to arrange, thus holding up any lessons that are to be put on in the sports hall post-examination, Smartsquare tiles are a piece of cake to put together.
The simple installation platform ensures that it can all come together with minimal fuss, creating a much more impressive looking design in general. It’s going to help avoid damaging marks being left on the sports hall floor, avoiding expensive repair and replacement jobs.
By making sure that the floor can maintain structural integrity while the examination can take place, this allows the students to simply concentrate on the lessons instead of their environment.